Surface protection 2protect:

The 2pack surface protection 2protect is a particularly flexible film for protecting sensitive surfaces. It is tear-resistant, removable without leaving residue and resistant to moisture and weather. Profile manufacturers in particular appreciate 2protect and its variable adhesive forces, colours and cut-to-size formats as well as its environmental compatibility. The film can be used as advertising space. The highlight: a composite film where the printing is located between two films.


Self-adhesive surface protection films (printed or unprinted)

  • for PVC profiles
  • for aluminium profiles
  • for stainless steel
  • for glass surfaces
  • for metal parts
  • for lacquered surfaces
  • for floor coverings
  • for stairs
  • and much more

Perfect load security:

The 2shrink 2pack shrink bonnets form a fixed unit with the product and pallet and thus provide optimum protection against external influences and weather damage. You can obtain standard and special formats in different thicknesses - in rolls (with tear-off perforation) or as individual hoods. 2shrink offers space for your company logo, transparent or opaquely coloured.

Self-adhesive surface protection films (printed or unprinted)

  • PE shrink bonnets
  • - Side gusset
  • - Flat (Hulo)
  • - Y or S bonnet
  • PE separating layer bonnets
  • PE shrink hose
  • PE side gusset shrink tubing
  • PE shrink sleeve film
  • PE shrink film
  • Polyolefin fine shrink film
  • Hand shrink guns

Clean thing(s):

These are films, bonnets and tarpaulins that are not only suitable for covering. They also protect objects and materials in different areas. In doing so, 2cover emphasises careful workmanship and ensures cleanliness and safety at all times.


  • PE cover bonnets
  • PE cover sheet for cover sheet dispenser also antistatic
  • PE construction foil
  • PE flat film
  • PE flat blanks loose or on roll
  • PE half-hose cuff loose or on a roll
  • PE hose cuttings loose or on roll
  • PE round blanks
  • PE painter's tarpaulins

Smooth transport:

The 2fill 2pack bags and sacks made of PE film set no limits to your packaging wishes and ideas. You decide what you want to pack. 2fill ensures that everything is suitably packaged - safely, securely, transportably and in accordance with the individual product properties, tasks and functions.

Bags & Sacks

  • PE flat bag
  • PE side gusseted bags
  • PE bottom gusset bag
  • PE flap bags with and without adhesion closure
  • PE block bottom bag
  • PE pressure seal bag
  • PE drawstring bag
  • PE air cushion bag
  • PA/PE vacuum bag
  • PE bin liners
  • PE refuse sacks
  • PE carrier bags
  • PE round bottom bags
  • PE garment covers
  • PE adjusting bag for E2 boxes

Flexible containers:

The 2fill bags and sacks made of PP fabric are not only suitable for bulk goods. They are used in every company that fills, collects or stores bulk goods or other goods. Their advantages are their low weight, their carrying capacity of up to 2 t and their space-saving storage.

PP fabric bags and sacks

  • PP woven container bags
  • PP ribbon fabric bag
  • Raschel bags (net containers)
  • Asbestos disposal bags


Film products are used in almost every area and their uses are just as extensive as our production options. Whether as flat film, blanks, tubular film or with shrink properties, needling, perforation - with us you are guaranteed to find the right variant for you. Tell us your requirements and together we will find the perfect product solution!


Of course, we also offer you versatile printing options so that our film products become an optimal advertising medium for you.


  • Flat foils
  • Tubular films
  • Semi-tubular films
  • Shrink films
  • Polyolefin fine shrink film
  • Building film
  • Cover foil


Our stretch film 2wrap is secure, stretchable and puncture resistant at all times. You can get this film from cost-effective qualities to sophisticated special qualities (super power stretch) that can be adapted to your machines. We offer 2wrap in standard dimensions or as pre-stretched film in thicknesses from 7 to 10 m². All special sizes up to 1500 m² are available at short notice. Standard stretch films are available directly from stock.


  • PE hand stretch film
  • PE automatic stretch film Cast film, blown film
  • PE-bundle stretch film
  • Narrow rolls
  • Special design from 50 mm width
  • PE wrapping net
  • PE perforated stretch film
  • PE pallet cover sheets loose on roll
  • Hand stretching equipment - Stretching equipment


Our "2fill" carrier bags are the perfect advertising medium for your company. At the same time, they offer optimal transport protection for your products. We produce DKT carrier bags, shirt carrier bags, loop carrier bags, carrier bags with injection moulded handles and many other designs in different materials for you. Be creative - or let us design a carrier bag together exclusively for you!


  • Loop carrier bags
  • DKT carrier bags
  • Shirt carrier bags
  • Carrier bags with injection moulded handle
  • Paper carrier bags
  • Carrier bags with handle hole
  • Rider strap carrier bags
  • Rain flap carrier bags


Our 2tape adhesive tapes are absolute masters in their field: they stick what won't hold on its own - and they do it properly. Whether used universally or adapted to special materials: The good adhesive strength and high tear resistance of 2tape are always convincing.


  • PP adhesive tape
  • PVC adhesive tape
  • Paper tape
  • Paper wet tape
  • Masking tape
  • Filament tape
  • Hand dispenser
  • technical tapes
  • Address protection film


Our 2box cardboard boxes and papers adapt perfectly to the respective package. At the same time, 2box secures your goods during loading and shipping with particularly stable and durable packaging solutions.


  • Corrugated cardboard folding boxes
  • Container boxes
  • Corrugated board blanks and die-cut packaging
  • Edge protectors
  • Grey board
  • Wrapping paper
  • Corrugated board on rolls
  • Butcher's paper


Our strapping bands 2strap made of plastic (PP, PET) or steel minimise the volume and weight of the packaging in an ideal way. They are popular in all industrial and commercial sectors - both for manual and machine processing.


  • Steel strapping
  • Plastic strapping
  • Locking sleeves
  • Roll-off trolley
  • Edge protection corners
  • Hand strapping machines / tensioners
  • Twine / Cords / Ropes
  • Rubber rings

Everything from one source in a large selection:

You have not yet found the right product for your purpose? We are also the right contact for you for delivery note pockets, staples, polycords, bubble wrap, PE foam films and much more! You determine what is to be packed - we supply you with the right packaging solution!

Product diversity

Shipping materials
Delivery note pockets
Bubble wrap
Filling and padding material
- Polystyrene (EPS)
- or biodegradable
PE foam