Surface protection film


The 2pack surface protection 2protect is a product series of particularly flexible films for protecting sensitive surfaces. They are tear-resistant, can be removed without leaving residues and are resistant to moisture and weathering. Profile manufacturers in particular appreciate 2protect and its variable adhesive forces, colours and cut-to-size formats as well as its environmental compatibility. The film can be used as advertising space. The highlight: a composite film where the printing is located between two films.

Our surface protection films are suitable for protecting sensitive surfaces against mechanical damage and contamination during transport, processing, storage and assembly. The films can also be used to protect the surface during laser processing.

In addition to many standard products for a wide range of applications, which are also available at short notice, we also have the possibility to produce protective films according to your wishes.
This is possible in the format(s) you require and, if necessary, with a printed image (e.g. logo). We can also produce protective films in a wide range of colours.

Self-adhesive surface protection films (printed or unprinted)

  • for PVC profiles
  • for aluminium profiles
  • for stainless steel
  • for glass surfaces
  • for metal parts
  • for lacquered surfaces
  • for floor coverings
  • for stairs
  • and much more


Our competent staff will be happy to advise you and can offer you the perfect product for your requirements!
You can reach us at the telephone number +49 (52 45) 88 38 3 (Fax: +49 (52 45) 88 38 50) or via

If you already know what you need, you can also order goods quickly and easily via our 2pack online shop refer.


Of course, there is no one protective film for all requirements.
Sometimes you need a very strong adhesive film, in some cases less is more.
We therefore offer a wide range of surface protection films in various thicknesses with a wide variety of adhesive and tear properties. In addition, we can coat the carrier films with natural rubber or acrylate adhesive, depending on the requirements.

As a rule, our films are UV and weather resistant for up to 6 months (and can be removed without leaving any residue).
The film rolls can be stored for 6 months under normal room conditions.


Our protective films are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for example, to protect the following surfaces:

  • Matt, textured, rough metal, lacquer, plastic surfaces
  • Ground stainless steel, coarsely brushed
  • Aluminium ground, coarsely brushed
  • Aluminium anodised, powder-coated
  • Aluminium anodised, powder-coated
  • PVDF, polyester, acrylic lacquers (cured lacquers)
  • PVC profiles
  • Ceramics
  • Low Gloss Varnishes and Plastics
  • Lacquers and plastics with a high gloss level
  • Windows, matt, textured surfaces
  • Uncoated glasses
  • and much more