Transport / service packs

As of 01.01.2019, the Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV) will no longer apply, but the new Packaging Act (VerpackG).

Distributors and manufacturers of packaged goods reaching the private final consumer (first distributor) must be

participate in a "Dual System" with their sales packaging and also register with the newly created control

The "Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister" (Central Packaging Register Foundation).

We have already complied with the official registration obligation on "" here!


Our contract number is: DE4047637631414


Our contractual partner in the "Dual System" is the company "Zentek" in Cologne.

Packaging ordinance 5th amendment

... what you should know about it!


As a rule, the articles distributed by 2-pack are purely transport packaging.


The following applies to this transport packaging:


"Our prices do not include disposal costs. This agreement applies to all orders with our company unless it is revoked beforehand."


Since we do not do business with private end consumers, the topic of service packaging does not affect us directly. However, if you pass on our products to private end consumers, the following applies:


... that our products (transport packaging) become service packaging the moment they are passed on to a private end user. At that moment, you are obliged to participate in a dual system (disposal system). Our prices are exclusive of the licence fees for such a system.


Packaging Ordinance/Dual System


Information sheet 5th amendment [46 KB]


- The statutory packaging ordinance of August 1998 obliges you to take back your sales or service packaging placed on the market.


- The 5th amendment to the Packaging Ordinance makes licensing in a dual system mandatory with effect from 1 January 2009: Manufacturers and distributors who place sales packaging filled with goods, which typically accumulates at private end consumers, on the market for the first time must participate in a system (§6.1, sentence 1+2).


- In addition: Whoever puts sales packaging into circulation according to §6 is obliged to submit and deposit a declaration of completeness annually by 01 May of a calendar year for all sales packaging filled by him with goods that he has put into circulation for the first time in the previous calendar year, which has been examined by an auditor, a tax consultant, a sworn auditor or an independent expert. It is obligatory for anyone who has put more than 80 tonnes of glass, more than 50 tonnes of PPK and more than 30 tonnes of other types of material (e.g. plastic) into circulation (§10, paragraph 1 + 4).


There are currently a total of nine officially approved dual systems:


- Verlo GmbH & Co. KG 


For further questions, please contact one of the dual systems mentioned here directly or speak to our sales representative.